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We need to get Leslie something that erases the enormous emotional debt that has built up over years of this gift-giving imbalance.


Ron: Ben and a much larger Ann. She definitely loves Ann.
Ann: Awwwww.

I know for a fact the Parks Department doesn't read letters.


Just put your damn candy out!


Donna: So, I made my desk out of silver M&Ms, but they do not make silver M&Ms so I spray painted them.
Ann: Okay, so those are poisonous, so no one eat them.
Andy: Yeah, duh!
Ann: Go throw up.
Andy: I didn't eat any.
Ann: Go throw up.

My God Diana, will you stop it with the letter writing campaign.


My pleasure. See you in hell!


Don't touch my pickles Ann!


You were very fair. In fact, I'm the one who needs to apologize. I got you involved in PCP, but I'm starting a new group now, LSD - Leslie's Sorry Division - and I just wanted to say I'm sorry Chris.

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