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Say you had a friend who wanted to do something good, but a little risky and she was kind of nervous about it, and this friend is me. What should I do?

Leslie [to Ann]

Mark: Would you break the rules?
Leslie: I won't murder.
Mark: That's good to know.

I am so sick of moving like a slug. I want to move like a cheetah. Or a slug driving a remote controlled car. Something more plausible than that. But fast.


Leslie: How do we cut through the red tape and how do we get this pit filled in? Ideas?
Tom: We need to cut through the red tape and get the pit filled in.
Leslie: Yes, Tom. Good.

In my next life I'm going in a private industry. Maybe strip mining.


Andy: I thought I'd give back to those less fortunate than myself.
Ann: You live in a pit.

The key to volunteering? A lot of pockets. For putting all the food in. The Red Cross has amazing cookies. I go there all the time. Meals on Wheels was a bonanza. Suicide Hotline? Surprisingly lame spread.


Ann: Man, this is tough.
Leslie: Yeah, but just think of all the kids that'll swing on this swing. Fat kids, skinny kids, brainiacs, sluts, the gay drama kids, goths, jocks, the alternative crowd.
Ann: Mmm hmm.

You can look at a problem and you can either go, "Oh, this is a problem." Or you can kaboom! Blow it up and turn it into something great. You literally kaboom the problem.

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