Mina: I'm your daughter.
Sir Malcolm: I already have a daughter.

I would rather be the corpse I was than the man I am.


The monster is not in my face, but in my soul.


Remember us better than we are.


Caliban: I’m sorry Vincent.
Vincent: No, pet. Show business. All bitches.

I left my son to suffer without me. I’ll not do the same to my daughter.

Sir Malcolm

Ethan: Do you believe in God?
Sambene: I believe in everything.

Victor: Again?
Ethan: Go crazy, Dr. F!

Sir Malcolm: Morphine. Is it an addiction?
Victor: Yes.
Sir Malcolm: Caused by what?
Victor: Pain.

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Vanessa: I might have fallen in love with you, if you don’t mind me saying that.
Ethan: You still might.

Vanessa: Are you afraid?
Victor: Not of you.
Vanessa: You think you know a greater demon? Tell me of him.

Do not weep. I've learned that skill. It brings no solace.