Caliban: Come with me? Our desolate shore.
Vanessa: Mr. Clare, there is around me a shroud that brings only pain. I won't allow you to suffer, not you. I think you are the most human man I have ever known.

Ethan: What is that?
Inspector Rusk: It's an extradition order. You're going home Ethan.

Ethan: You know what I am?
Vanessa: Yes, and here I stand. Sir Malcolm is going to Africa. This dreadful house will soon be empty. We can lock the doors and walk away forever.
Ethan: There's no walking away from what I am.
Vanessa: What we both are. I have run from the darkness for so long. Only to find myself in a place darker still. Walk with me.

Caliban: You have the engines of the future all around you.
Lily: The needle. The scalpel. The noose.
Mina: The gun to the temple.
Gladys: Take your razor and slit your throat.
Peter: Join your family.
Mina: The final tombstone on the hill.
Lily: A sip of poison from the amber bottle.
Gladys: A single bullet under the chin.
Caliban: There is no other peace for thee, Frankenstein.
Proteus: Walk into the river. Let it bring you quiet. Enjoy our company.

Vanessa: And all of this; the witches, the attacks, just to bring me here.
Lucifer: I've missed you Vanessa.
Vanessa: No, no you need me to agree. You can't take my soul. I have to give it.
Lucifer: You must give it freely, and of your own accord.

Sembene: I have been much feared and hated in my life. By my people, by yours. These marks, mean I was a slave trader. It is my sin to live with, but in this house I have found kindness among the unkind. So have you.
Ethan: I've not had many friends in my time, but I'm proud to count you among them.

Now, let me see your power. Go heal yourself my beloved immortal.


Vanessa: You did that to his face?
Ethan: Yes.
Vanessa: What are you?

Mr. Lyle: I don't for a moment deny my complicity with that evil woman, but you must believe me when I say that's done. And I am willing to suffer the consequences of my disloyalty to her, which are ruinous.
Victor: And now we're to trust you?
Mr. Lyle: I hope I've demonstrated my allegiance to the people in this room. My shame is my own to live with and I shall.
Vanessa: No one here is above guilt Mr. Lyle. We need every ally for the night ahead.

Inspector Rusk: The quarry has been run to his hole. He has lost his anonymity and his freedom of movement. He should know when he is captured.
Ethan: Cornered animals are the most dangerous.
Inspector Rusk: But they are cornered, nonetheless.

Hecate: You have been given a great power. One day you will use it, and take your foretold place over these mortal animals. You know in your heart I'm speaking the truth, admit it.
Ethan: Yes.
Hecate: You are what you are. And when you're ready, I will serve you best of all.

I'm sorry you feel so unloved. You are a beautiful monster, and there are those who could love you and shall. Life awaits you.


Penny Dreadful Quotes

Ethan: You have a name?
Vanessa: Yes.

Ethan: You have made my visit truly memorable. I shall never forget you.
Woman: Perhaps you'd like to know my name, then.