Vanessa: I should have died a virgin. Like Joan of Arc. Be true, be strong. Sing on the funeral pyre. Did you know she sang as she burned?
Orderly: No.
Vanessa: None of us are heroes.
Orderly: I suppose not.

Vanessa: Don't you like poetry?
Orderly: Uh, no.

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And I do believe what you said about Lucifer. After all, I was there. Oh, my dear. We have so much to catch up on, do we not?


This is who you are. Please don't forget that.


Vanessa: Is it day or night?
Orderly: Which do you prefer now?
Vanessa: Day.
Orderly: Then it's day.

Orderly: It's not torture, what they're doing. It's science. It's meant to make you better.
Vanessa: It's meant to make me normal. Like all the other women you know. Compliant. Obedient. A cog in an intricate social machine. No more.

Vanessa: You think I'm a spoiled bitch?
Orderly: We're not to engage in conversation, miss.

I have been touched by Satan. My weakness allowed it. My faith was not strong enough and Lucifer came to me. I didn't fight him strongly enough. I don't know that I fought him at all.


Dr. Seward: My ancestor, the old woman. Joan Clayton. What would she say to you?
Vanessa: "Be true."
Dr. Seward: Be true. You will come out of it. When you're at the heart of your trauma. When you've found what you're here for. I'm not leaving you for anything in this world.

I would leave this place, but I need the work. Jobs are scarce, and I have to feed the family, you understand? And I wouldn't leave you, in any case. Not until you're better. And maybe we'll walk out of here together. Wouldn't that be a day?


But you're not a thing of the spirit, Vanessa. You're a thing of the flesh. Like me. You're the wolf. You're the scorpion. You're all those things that slip and soar and stalk through the deep forest in the dark night. You're powerful. You feel it coiling within you. Become the wolf and the bat and the scorpion. Be truly who you are.


Do you know what they are, all of them? A broken thing. Not a tiger. Not a flower. Not a clump of earth. Not even a blade of grass. Miss Ives, you have to get better.


Penny Dreadful Quotes

Dracula: Who are you to defy me?
Vanessa: I am nothing. I am no more than a blade of grass. But I am. You think you know evil? Here it stands.

Orderly: I'll tell you what happened. I was at home, yesterday night past. And I was helping my son with a wooden ship model. That's something we do. And he asked me about the ship. I said it was a kind of ship used for exploring the seas. And he said, "Where do they explore, father?" And I told him everywhere. The orient. Peru. And even the frozen north. And he says, "What's that, Father?" And so I told him. "It's the places all covered with snow. North of Scotland and even beyond that." And he said, "Do people live there?" And I said to him, "No, it's too cold and lonely all the time. No one lives there." And I started to cry and I couldn't stop. My son took my hand, and I couldn't stop crying.
Vanessa: Why?
Orderly: Because I realized I was wrong. One person does live there. Where it's cold and lonely all the time. So I tendered my resignation. I'll stay long enough to see you tomorrow. The last person you see before the surgery will be someone who loves you.