Sometimes when we were stuck, we'd stop for a minute to rest, regain our strength and let the waves take us for awhile even when we weren't going anywhere, it was still sailing.


The imagination is a powerful tool of self-torture.


Charlotte: Why are you grinning at me like that?
Violet: I'm happy to see you.
Charlotte: Well, you've never said that to me before.

I want a baby. I'm gonna have a baby.


If you want this, we can make this happen. I know that you felt alone in this before, but you don't need to feel that way anymore because you've got me. I will always be there, Addison.


You're a peddler.


I feel like Pete is using this separation to have the bachelor party he never had. You know he wants to sow his wild, old oats.


How is love not enough?


I think love is a powerful force. It puts up a hell of a fight, but sometimes life rises up and wins.

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