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There are some things about women that only me and NBC anchor Brian Williams know.


When women tell you to do one thing, they actually want you to do the exact opposite.


I am dating your daughter, sir.

Shawn[ to Frank]

Mr. O'Hara, as a budding entrepreneur myself, I'm wondering, how did you make your fortune?


I didn't speak to my father for years; it creates a void in your life.


He's not rich and he's not powerful. He's a con man.


Shawn [to Frank]: Ground rules Frank: we ease into this like Gus eased into being black.

Juliet: Shawn, Gus, I can see you.
Shawn: I know I'm in the dog house—
Juliet: No, you're gonna have to work really hard to get into the dog house...
Shawn: Ok, so I'm in the yard, which is still an enclosed area...
(Pause) Unless I'm in the pound...Jules, am I in the pound?!

Henry: What happened out there today?
Shawn: The other team played better.I should go talk to him.
Henry: I don't think that will be necessary.

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