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...I believe there is little to no room for interpretation in the United States Constitution...


Are you a prostitute?

Carlton [to Marlowe]

That is a very unusual necklace, and it shows off you clavicle quite well...


What more do you need? I told you she's blonde, and pale, and beautiful and perfect. So get me a name and get me an address and get me some aspirin!

Carlton [to Buzz]

I can't help being a gorgeous's just the card I drew...


Where's Lucien?

Shawn, Gus and Juliet

Shawn: Are you sure this water's holy?
Gus: Yes, I had Father Wesley bless it over the phone.

Wow, you guys are actually devolving...get back over here, now!


J-Wow does wear those nails when they go out clubbing....

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