As the piemaker started off he realized that, for the first time in his life, he missed something more than his past. He missed his present.


Mama Jacobs: What did you say your name was? Brandon? Butch?
Chuck: Chuck?
Mama Jacobs: Chuck! I knew it was something unladylike

(to Ned) How do you know there's not a ghost somewhere right now telling his ghost friend, "You don't really think there's a guy who can touch dead people back to life, do you?"


(to Ned) You go and do whatever private secret alone thing you need to go do by yourself. Alone.


I love you, shovel.


Tell Ned I love... his pies.


I don't know how we survived without it. It's like a sex addiction... I'd imagine.


If you think about it, we've already been murdered once. How many dogs and people can say that?


Olive: Maybe John Joseph faked his death. People do that all the time.
Emerson: No, they don't.

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