Oh, isn't it great we can joke? Now that we that we know that there's nothing going on between us and never was. It can be funny. I bet this sort of thing happens all the time between adults. Mixed romantic messages. In no time we'll be looking back and laugh until we wet the rug. Which we'll then want to shampoo. Couple times. Possibly three, depending on what we were drinking.


Death by scratch-'n'-sniff. What the hell happened to people shooting each other with guns?


We're not lost. We're following the yellow thick hose.


Narrator: Anxious to sniff out more information, our heroes sought out Napoleon LeNez, scratch and sniff author, in his suite above the city and immediately found themselves in an alarming situation.
Napoleon: Do not be alarmed by the situation

Emerson: Your book was a bomb.
Napoleon: Who are you to criticize my life's work?!
Emerson: Your book was a bomb. It exploded.

Olive: No, no. Five fingers. Five toes. Us Snooks are boring that way. I had a cousin with a third nipple. He'd let you see it for a dollar.
Vivian: How fascinating.
Lily: And a bargain, too.

Narrator: The mere sight of each other left the Pie Maker and the girl named Chuck feeling exactly like they wanted to feel: safe and warm and loved.

I've had girlfriends but they were always extraneous factors.


Olive: Look carefully, ladies; this is your future.
Lily: Is it vodka?
Olive: Water.
Lily: As in Russian for vodka?

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