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I've only ever felt safe when my dad has been around?


From the start, you accepted that child as our Jacob. But what if he's not the same?


Look, ever since he's been back, he's eating nonstop. He hasn't been sleeping. Last night I don't think he slept a wink. He's different than before.


After Jacob died I blamed myself because I taught him to love the river.


Lucille: Henry, I don't care if that boy was a stranger we met on the street. The man I married would never treat a child this way.
Henry: Our son is in that tomb. You know what that means Lu? There are two. Now what am I supposed to do with that?

Marty: Did anything good ever happen in this river?
Maggie: Well, it turns out that when you're dead it's not an irreversible condition.

Humans built cities for a reason; to protect ourselves from nature.


Henry: What'd you find in there?
Maggie: We found Jacob's remains. Everything was normal. Uncle Henry, I'm sorry we put you through that.

Lucille: I know they're doing this in order to help protect Jacob.
Henry: Which one?

I guess what I'm saying is when life gives you a second chance, you gotta take it full on. I wanna make this count, and I'm going to.


Now I know these clothes are clean, so I won't be happy unless you come home completely filthy.


Elaine: Is it really you?
Caleb: Who else would it be?

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Resurrection Quotes

Bellamy: Did your son go missing sir?
Mr. Langston: Why?
Bellamy: I have him. He's OK.
Mr. Langston: Well that would be fairly unlikely. My son died 32 years ago.

Is he dead?

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