I forgot to load my gun this morning.


I think you were ready to marry someone else six months ago.


I don't care if he's madam Lulu or the world's dumbest inside man. Either way, let's figure it out.


Some morning I don't even wanna get out of bed. Then again, I am kind of lazy.


I know it's your specialty, but let's try not to overthink this one, okay?

Swarek [to Andy]

Whoa, whoa, don't look at me. I am not too good for anything.


I think I'd rather shoot myself in the ass.


That lawyer's suit is worth more than my car.


If you see any ghosts, yell Boo!


You'd make a really good cop.

Andy McNally

Chris: A boring day means you've done your job and you get to go home.
Oliver: That is my line. That's my line.

We don't have to wear this. This is not our fault.


Rookie Blue Quotes

Gail: I would talk to him but you know since I...what's the word, I think it's humiliated Officer Epstein in Death Domain last night.
Noelle: I can respect that. Espstein, all yours.

Sir, I'm requesting desk duty because I would rather mop the floor with my tongue.