We find Oliver. He makes a very dumb joke. Chloe gets out of the hospital, I make fun of her to her face.


Duncan: Is it true that Peck has retractable fangs?
Dov: Yes.

I will hit a gir


I can't even picture Sam on vacation. He doesn't even own shorts.


It's kind of like a twitchy porn star who just ran a marathon.


Gail: I would talk to him but you know since I...what's the word, I think it's humiliated Officer Epstein in Death Domain last night.
Noelle: I can respect that. Espstein, all yours.

Nick: Well if my goal this morning was to gross you out and then disfigure you...
Gail: You are doing so good.

There's something wrong with the machine. It makes the coffee taste like fish soup.


I'm not feeling the love here, Sir.


This is it man. This is the job.


Diaz: I'm a real Catholic. I don't just sleep with anybody.
Nash: Did you just call me a slut?

You've just got to believe in the unbelievable.


Rookie Blue Quotes

Please don't make me shoot you, this is my first day.

Andy McNally

You've already left me twice and if you ever get shot and die I'll never forgive you.