Gail: You're quiet.
Andy: So arrest me.

Andy: It's like we're teenagers.
Sam: And that's a bad thing?

Wrong day to piss me off.


Marlo had a hunch. Clearly she was right.


Chloe: Wanna get drunk and make out?
Dov: Yes, but not on tequila.

This is it man. This is the job.


You don't want to talk, we don't have to. Stop treating me like your personal punching bag. Please.


You are my story, Sam. You.


This whole vow of celibacy has turned you in to a bit of a grouch.


Oliver: Did you ever read Into the Wild?
Sam: No but I saw the movie and I'm pretty sure the guy starved to death.

Dov: You know that guys a fireman, right?
Chloe: So?
Dov: You're in a room full of cops and you're talking to a guy who basically operates a hose for a living.

You propose to Denise, you might miss out on your very own Sargeant sex.