You'd make a really good cop.

Andy McNally

It is a beautiful day for a raid.


This whole vow of celibacy has turned you in to a bit of a grouch.


About 20 minutes ago you were the muffin man now you look ill.


Cake's on fire.


Chloe: You're like a terrible person.
Gail: Like I haven't heard that before.

Sam: Your first shift back, I'm already getting shot at.
Andy: You missed me, didn't you?

Traci Nash: Just follow you in, right? Gun in, gun out?
Officer Williams: Really?

I already feel like I trapped him by getting pregnant. I'm not going to let him end up with some sick wife to look after too. I'm just not.


Traci: Dex packed his bags. Said he didn't want to live a lie anymore.
Andy: Drama queen. Him, not you.

This isn't the family you pictured but it's the one you have and you have a choice.


Just the two of us together in a fishing cabin for three weeks. I've never been happier.