Andy: Anything in the trunk.
Gail: No, just a teenage boy.
Andy: What?

Gail: She kept calling you Craig.
Chris: Craig's a great name.

You, take this as a compliment, are the most anal copper that I've got.

Oliver (to Andy)

Everyone needs a name. Even in death. Even in your urn.


Don't thank me yet. I'm suppose to ride with Price. Eight hours of hearing her talk about her dress for this commissioners thing you might wish you were stabbed in the back.


It's kind of like a twitchy porn star who just ran a marathon.


I'm trying so hard to keep going but sometimes, sometimes all I can think about is how much I miss him.


Dov: If my mom was superintendent, I'd be detective by now.
Gail: If my mom was your mom, you'd be gay.

Whatever this is, I don't totally hate it.


Oliver: Rocky he drank that and he won the belt.
Nick: Rocky was a fictional character.

You were like so much more fun when you were drunk, just FYI.


Dov, it was never a choice. It was always you.


Rookie Blue Quotes

You're lucky you're cute.


His wife hit her limit and dug her way out of here