You want me to blow it up for you?


Diaz: Denise wants me to propose.
Epstein: Propose what?

You are my story, Sam. You.


Sam: I do speak fluent Spanish. You know that right?
Andy: Oh, I am aware. I just thought that was reserved for when you were naked.

Chloe, you're a game changer.


Remember what we talked about. Completely uncool to walk around naked in somebody else's place.


Ten simple rules. What are they going to think when you break number six?


What, you want to talk to the fence?


I swear, working together and dating, it's like I'm his mini me.


Traci: I can't imagine being too sane after I'd watched my son blow up.
Steve: You wouldn't turn into that.

His wife hit her limit and dug her way out of here


The guy spit on the body after he popped him. Classy.


Rookie Blue Quotes

Gail: What does my outfit say to you?
Chris: I'm wearing clothes.

Jo: We sure she's guilty?
Traci: Well four garage fires and now the laundromat all within two miles of her school plus the arson for dummies kit in her knapsack.