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Rookie blue
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He'll just keep hurting you, so be careful.


You ended up with the forgiveness gene. I ended up with the backbone gene.


I don't want to train a cop. I want to train a super cop.


We don't have to like you. We don't have to be nice to you and we can make fun of you whenever we want because when it really comes down to it we will always have your back.


LIfe is a drinking game, McNally and you have been phoning it in.


I love how not having a job makes him the superior parent.


Dov, it was never a choice. It was always you.


I'm in the ambulance and I can't help but feel like if he dies then I will too.


Now that I've told my brother, that juicy bit of news is going to spread like herpes.


My amazing, beautiful, hilarious girlfriend who just got shot is married.


Oh yeah. She like bears. Cheap little bears made in China. She like that.


Balloons, bottle of whiskey. It's hard to know what to get a guy who took a bullet for you.

Det. Jarvis
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