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I have never doubted your ability to do this job, ever.


That takes care of all the junkies that like to read health warnings.


Marlo: You know what I hate most in the world.
Andy: Kittens? Laughter?
Marlo: Two girls standing in a room shouting about a guy who's not even there.

Marlo: Sam and I work because we keep an emotional distance.
Andy: That I can picture.

A little advice. Less goggly eyes.


Nick: Well if my goal this morning was to gross you out and then disfigure you...
Gail: You are doing so good.

Dov: You know that guys a fireman, right?
Chloe: So?
Dov: You're in a room full of cops and you're talking to a guy who basically operates a hose for a living.

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