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Traci: Getting back on that horse sounds a little exhausting.
Gail: You could make my brother the horse.
Traci: Gail, that's disgusting.
Gail: You're telling me.

I think it looks like Miami threw up on your wall.


A child went missing while in the care of two officers that I trained. They're coming with me.


It was just for a minute, I thought he would be OK.


If the guy we're going after took Christian, I'll let you kill him with your bare hands, after we get him back.


Whatever the DNA test says, Christian is our son. The only thing that matters now is bringing him home.


Everyone was exactly where they needed to be to get the job done. That's what happens when you're in charge.


Nick: That's the way I feel about you.
Andy: What, that my words get more magical?
Nick: No, that you do.

I already feel like I trapped him by getting pregnant. I'm not going to let him end up with some sick wife to look after too. I'm just not.

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