Miranda faced something every woman dreads. She was making a list of all the men she'd slept with. At least all the ones she could remember. She started to wonder how she did all these men and did her law degree and became a successful lawyer.


And then something weird happened. For the first time in a long time, I was nervous. Aidan and I were going to sleep together and it was going to mean something. I was no virgin, but this was definitely virgin territory.


Samantha: They practically chased me with torches like I was fuckenstein.
Carrie: Oh, relax, they can't evict you for having sex.
Samantha: Of course, not, they're just jealous, they're a bunch of dried up old farts who haven't had sex since Eisenhower, and I remind them of what they can't have. (Sigh) It might be time to move.
Carrie: No you can't move! You have a rent-control apartment on the Upper East Side.
Samantha: Honey, this isn't rent control, this is life control.

Carrie: Wow, it's like a Danielle Steel novel in here.
Aidan: Whoa, from a writer, I'm pretty sure that's an insult.

Steve: What's going to happen to me, does it hurt when you pee or something?
Miranda: No, men are just carriers, there aren't any symptoms at all.
Steve: Then, why do I need to know?
Miranda: Because if you don't get treated you could pass it on to other people.
Steve: But you're my only other person, and you already have it.
Miranda: Yeah, but see, if you've got it, they'll just keep passing it back and forth, plus I'd rather not sleep with you until this thing is out of my body, and I've got six more days of antibiotics, so, would you please, just go take care of it. Just go, get it over with.

If you're a thirty something woman living in Manhattan, and you refuse to settle and you're sexually active, it's inevitable that you'll rack up a certain number of partners, but how many men is too many men? Are we simple romantically challenged, or, are we sluts?


I just want to try to sleep with somebody I care about. I really think I can care about you. It's only been a week and a half, don't people date anymore?


Samantha: Well, you better be careful, you wait too long to sleep with someone, you miss the window and become just friends.
Miranda: As opposed to his fucking bitch, his fucking whore.

Carrie: No, what's bad, is that even Charlotte is having more sex that I am.
Miranda: What about Aidan?
Carrie: What about Aidan? I don't know what's going on, clearly he's attracted, we're spending a lot of time together, he keeps asking me out, but he doesn't want to sleep with me.
Samantha: Gay.
Carrie: No, he's not gay.
Miranda: Mother issues?
Carrie: No, I don't think so.
Samantha: Maybe, his dick curves to the right.
Carrie: So, if it does we'll work it out, I'll go left.

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