The bad news is, you're fired. The good news is, now I can fuck you.


: I'm gonna find my inner goddess if it kills me.


Miranda: I'm never going to be a girly girl, I never will. I'm never going to be a lotus flower.
Carrie: May I just say, thank God.
Miranda: A girly girl would want her boyfirend to move in.
Carrie: Yea, she also wears makeup to the gym.
Miranda: And makes little hearts above her I's.

Miranda: See, my hips don't pop, I'm a guy.
Carrie: You're, insane!

Miranda, it's like you're the guy sometimes.


Miranda: That pile, your stuff, you have to keep it neater.
Steve: Maybe, if you could spare a drawer or a box or something I could keep my underwear out of the way.
Miranda: You want a drawer?
Steve: Actually, actually...I would like to move in.

Carrie: What about my problem.
Miranda: Stop, kissing him.
Carrie: Easy, for her to say.

Samantha: You know I think it's great. He's open to all sexual experiences. He's evolved. He's hot.
Miranda: He's not hot. It's greedy. he's double dipping.
Samantha: You're not marrying the guy. You're making out with him. Enjoy it and don't worry about the label.
Charlotte: I'm very into labels; gay, straight, pick a side and stay there.

I do love you, but I've never lived with anybody before, and I'm stubborn, and I like the remote, and I can't cook, and I don't do laundry sometimes for like two weeks, and my sponges smell, and you're gonna see all that, and I'm scared, and I don't know if I can move forward, but I really don't wanna lose you.

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