Steve: You came! I'm so glad! So, what do you think?
Miranda: I think...I think you did good.
Steve: Really? You mean it?
Miranda: Mhm.
Steve: 'Cause I never would've done this, if it wasn't for you.
Miranda: What are you talking about? I didn't do anything.
Steve: Are you kidding me? This whole thing was your idea! You always told me I should start my own bar. I never forgot that. I just never thought that I could, so... thanks.
Miranda: (kisses his cheek) You did good.

Maria: You call this a relationship?
Samantha: Well, its tedious and the sex is dwindeling, so from what I've heard, yes!

Samantha: (About her relationship with Maria) All we ever do is lie around, take baths together and talk about feelings.
Charlotte: I think they call that a relationship.
Samantha: I don't know how you people do it! All that emotional chow chow, it's exhausting!
Miranda: I know, don't you just hate that?
Carrie: Women!

Does he look better, or have I just been with a woman for too long?

Samantha (<i>about Aidan</i>)

Miranda: I might have a ghost.
Carrie: I might have to hear that again.
Miranda: There were strange noises upstairs last night. The cat heard it too.
Carrie: Well, if the cat heard it . . .

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