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You stopped having pow wows? I rather enjoyed those.


His honor Edmund Burke once said "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." And we may all at time, stand idly when action is required.


Ichabod: How is that possible? Their nation stretched the continent. Their rules for governance formed the very basis of how we planned to unify diverse 13 states in a single federation. They were my friends.
Abbie: Maybe this dream spirit has a looooong list of people to visit after he's done with me.

Ichabod: Help us fight the Horseman's army.
Jenny: Help you? It's all over but the crying. My conscience is clear. Ask Abbie if hers is the same.

Jenny: What's your name? Tall, dark and British?
Ichabod: My name is Ichabod Crane.
Jenny: Huh. What do your friends call you? Ichy?
Ichabod: Not if they wish to remain my friends.

Abbie: All of our personal issues aside, she's not gonna help us because I'm a cop and she's a criminal.
Ichabod: Oh, she's a criminal now?
Abbie: Do you know why she's locked up in here? She broke into a sporting goods store and stole a bunch of survival gear. Over four thousand bucks worth of stuff.
Ichabod: And does your current law enforcement incarcerate all thieves in sanatoriums?
Abbie: She told the cops that she needed it because she was preparing for the end of days.
Ichabod: Well. She's perfectly sane then.

Fine. Let's say this this is some evil minion sent after us by the demon in the woods. Why hurt Dr. Vega and what do I have to do with any of it?


Don't be afraid of Number 49. That's where you'll find you're not alone.

August Corbin

Ichabod: Facial expressions have changed little, if at all, over the centuries. Were you and Luke formerly betrothed?
Abbie: He's my ex. We weren't betrothed. There was no betrothing.

What's insane is a ten percent levy on baked goods. You do realize the Revolutionary war began on less than two percent. How is the public not flocking to the streets in outrage? We must do something.


Someone's given you reason to doubt my veracity.


Excellent. This day continues to bear gifts. Will be sharing a cell, Lieutenant?

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