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Abbie: So here we are, right where the mail carrier first saw Thomas. Right next to the 'Welcome to Roanoke' sign.
Ichabod: Yours isn't the first generation to invent sarcasm.

So did the boy go to Oxford or are you suggesting he's a member of King Author's Court?

Capt. Irving

You and I have very different definitions of old. It seems if a building stays upright for more than a decade, you people declare it a national landmark. This cabin has all the modern means I need. It's certainly preferable to that motel.


Are we to understand this book is a key, capable of unleashing these demons into our world?


Abbie: You invented The Boston Tea Party so that you could steal something from the British?
Ichabod: At the time it was referred to as The Destruction of the Tea. You've coined a far more festive name.

How fortuitous. An officer of the law with a criminal past. Imagine the delinquency we could perpetrate if we really put our minds to it.


Remember I told you one time this town was going to go straight to hell? I hate being right.


Ichabod: It is I who should thank you, kind woman, for unlocking this vehicle from afar, and showing me how the entertainment system operates. Farewell, Yolanda.
Yolanda: Thank you for calling Northstar Assistance.

Abbie: Seven years of tribulation.
Ichabod: According to scripture.
Abbie: How long have we been doin' this so far?
Ichabod: Mmmm. I'm certain it will become easier once we become accustomed to... No. I'm too tired to lie.

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