My prize is not revenge, it is Katrina.


Ichabod: I shall never lose my cool.
Abbie: If Brooks gives you any flack, take his head, too.

Ichabod: I didn't kill Abraham.
Abbie: I believe you, but I need to know what he's talking about. Wanna fill me in?

We need to stay on point. We are looking for his weakness. Don't let him find yours.


It belonged to Katrina. Yes, you took my head, but Death will not be silenced.


Irving: A dead guy, a mental patient and a time traveler from the Revolution.
Abbie: That's our team.

I can hardly believe Jefferson foresaw holding a headless gentleman prisoner.


Perhaps this is the sacrifice that witnesses must carry. All we really get is one another.


Abbie: And not to kick you while you're down, but Jefferson took credit for your line about the press.
Ichabod: Well, we never really know people, do we?

I once said to Thomas, a man who reads nothing at all is better educated than a man who reads nothing but newspapers. We had a good laugh about that one.


Ichabod: This water was free at the market.
Abbie: So was the arsenic that came with it.

Flummoxed by a foreign concept that resembles close to nothing of what you know? I can't imagine how that feels.


Sleepy Hollow Quotes

Abbie: Who is he? When's the last time you saw him?
Ichabod: When I cut off his head.

Police Detective: Do you admit to cutting off his head, yes or no?
Ichabod: Nooo. First I shot him, then he rose back up. Cutting off his head seemed the next logical step.