Sons of Anarchy

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Sons of anarchy
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The Cleaner: How's the drain in that slop sink?
Gemma: I think it's fine.
The Cleaner: Good. I'm in the mood for some music...80s.

You're missing a sweet Asian buffet inside...all you can eat.

Jax (to Clay)

Days like this, when I can remember everything I usually forget, these are the worst days.


Gemma: Stupid bitch.
Tara: You had her tied up in the basement, you can't...
Gemma: I'm not talking about her!

Clay: Who's up for a Canadian adventure?
(Everyone raises their hands)
Clay: You lose, eh?
Jax: You're all very unbalanced individuals.

Tara: Is he okay to drive?
Gemma: It depends on what decade he thinks he's cruising in.

Maureen: Where you taking him?
Ashby: A good, catholic family.
Maureen: He's already got a family.
Ashby: You can't make this about John.
Maureen: You ever think that he got it all wrong Kel? That if JT stayed in Belfast with me, we'd all be better off?

Jax: You're sorry. Do you have kids?
Irish: I don't.
Jax: Then you don't know shit about sorry asshole.

Irish: You thinking about adding a little color to the ranks?
Clay: Yeah, black Irish.

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