Sons of Anarchy Review: "Caregiver"

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Many people who talk about Sons of Anarchy mention how the show's characters so often paint themselves into corners and then scrap and claw their way out of them.

In this week's episode, "Caregiver," I really wasn't sure how or if Gemma Teller was going to get out of the corner she painted herself into with the greedy little Guatty.

Sure enough she got out, and definitely not the way I expected.

Stephen King on Sons of Anarchy

Stephen King makes an unintentionally funny appearance on Sons of Anarchy.

I knew Nate's young caregiver knew too much, but as I watched Gemma treat her like a piece of dirt in the basement, I never thought it would end with Amelia's death. Chalk it up to Gemma Teller being one of the hardest chicks on television, even if the murder was accidental.

Gemma is seriously going through some $h!t right now.

Not only is she holding nurses hostage in basements, but she is also dealing with a father that is going in and out of sanity. This week she had to deal with a Nate that was surprisingly coherent, and extremely sad for the way life was working out. Of course Gemma blames her mother for all of it, calling her a "stupid b*tch" at one point.

How about our SAMCRO pals? Well they were once again on the hunt to find Cameron and baby Abel, but first they're continuing to work with the Grim Bastards to get intel on the Mayans' plans. Of course the GBs want guns for their help, and who does SoA hit up? The Lin Triad. I just love how many different gangs there are in Northern California, and how great a ratio of them wear leather jackets and ride motorcycles.

Where things start to get interesting for SAMCRO this week is when the Triad asks for a private party with some Caracara girls. We finally get deeper into the mind of Opie Winston. Now, sure, I never liked how quickly he got involved with Lyla after Donna's death, but I was all ready to commend him for how well he was handling his old lady's profession before he ruined the entire party with a fight! Hey, if Vincent Chase can't handle his girl being a porn star, why should my man Opie have to? Get your woman out of the field Ope, and get her a new occupation before you kill somebody.

Clay had the best reaction to that entire scruff, "Hopefully someone is filming it." The old man was on his game this week in terms of having fun. Clay also led the meeting in which he asked the club if they all wanted to take a vacation to Canada to find Abel, and that was a great camaraderie moment at the redwood table.

The Pres and the VP are getting along way too well right now, as showcased by the funny but touching scene outside the VIP party. I think it's just another reason to expect their feud to blow back up this season.  With John Teller's name getting dropped numerous times every episode, there's no way Jax doesn't go off on Clay at some point in the near future. I would love to see them go to blows, but isn't that a climax that should be near the end of the series? I can't see one of them taking the other out and the show continuing, can you?

So back in Belfast Father Ashby explains to his sister that he has a good, catholic family to give Abel to. Oh but Maureen doesn't like this idea because Abel already has a family. I love that she's a bit on Jax and Gemma's side, and I wouldn't be surprised if she played a major role in getting Abel back to them. What's better is that she had a past with the great John Teller.

By episode's end Juice shows the rest of SAMCRO an e-mail from the Belfast SoA Vice President that showed Cameron dead in Ireland. Will next week bring our first trip across the pond for SAMCRO?  Let's hope so, it's taking too long to get there.

Other Thoughts:

  • Tara throws up into the sink... a concussion? Of course not, she's preggers right?
  • If you're at all into the details and history of the Sons of Anarchy, then you were just as excited as me to see the President of the Belfast chapter was a "First 9." Now we know of four, right? JT, Clay, Piney and this dude.
  • How about Stephen King's appearance as the cleaner? There was something about that performance that was hilarious to me. He wants 80s music? He takes the giant golden arm statue? Crazy.

Follow this link for some Sons of Anarchy quotes from last night and them chime in below with your thoughts on "Caregiver" and the direction of the show in general ...


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Gemma was referring to her mother, not herself.


Wow.. I wrote my first comment back in September. I hadn't watched the show then, but I just did now.
Hilarious Mr. King! Couldn't believe him when he started to feel up the woman. Wondered if they kept the child because they didn't want to admit to the Sons something about Cameron, doesn't make sense though since they planted his body in a public area. :/ Can't stop watching...


What a sloppy review. Gemma was referring to herself with that "stupid b*tch" comment. And Stephen King's character was intentionally funny. He's 63, by the way


you really think Tara's pregnant? I just assumed it was her reaction to seeing the dead, murdered body. will be interesting for sure if that's the case. also, why is the IRA planning on giving Abel to some other family, and not returning him to Jax? aren't they friends, and wouldn't that act damage ties irreparably? confusing to me


The President of the Belfast Charter is McGee. He's how the Sons got into gun running with the IRA. And yeah Tara's pregnant.


Wow, Mr. King is looking old these days! Even though he is getting up there, (50's I think?) unfortunately seems that car accident took a lot out him.
It'd be awesome if he writes a character from the show into his next book (would've fit in 'Under the Glass')


I also think Tara is pregnant. Why would kurt add a scene of her throwing up to prove she has a concussion? Seemed unnecssary to me, unless Kurt is hinting that she is indeed preggers.


I live in Northern California (Bay Area) and actually there are a ton a bike gangs up here. I think that's why Kurt decided to have the show based here. In my city of about 70,000 just outside Oakland we have two bike gangs that hang out. One of them is an Asian bike gang that rides ninja bikes and they chill at the Starbucks (funny I know) and the other is a black gang that rides harley's and they chill at the Friday's resturant. If you come up to Norcal you might be surprised by how many MC's you find up here.


Forgot to mention that Stephen King's name was Bachman in the show which is an alias that he uses for his books.

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