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Every day it becomes more clear that I don't belong here. I'm certain now that Clay and Gemma are together. They barely try to hide it from me. Gemma hates my apathy. She hates all of me. Her chill is terrifying. I know my days are numbered Mo, and when these letters stop you can be certain my death will come at the hands of my wife and best friend. At least my sweet Thomas will never suffer my life. I miss him so much. I only pray that Jackson finds a different path. He already reminds me so much of myself.


(to Gemma) I'd never turn on my club, or my family. I'm not my father.


(to Stahl) You just signed my death warrant.


Clay: How'd you know he was here?
Stahl: 'Cause your VP made a deal.

Sorry things didn't work out the way you planned boys. Look at the Irish though, yeah?


(to Unser) What you do for us...it won't be forgotten.


Tara: Promise you'll tell me everything?
Jax: You'll know everything soon enough.

It's a different time. We can't look at Jax in the same light as John.

Gemma (to Clay)

Something will go wrong. Somebody will get hurt. I promise you, it'll end badly.

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