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She took my sons.


Yeah, he's huge. You're going to need both hands.


Chibs: Jackie boy, you just advanced race relations in Ireland by 50 years.
Tig: And half a million dollars.

Gemma: My crack office manager wanting to trade repairs for chinchillas.
Nero: Somehow that doesn't surprise me.

Tara: That's good. Alcohol and opiates? Next time I'll bring the defibrillator.
Tig: Oh I'd love me some zap and tickle.

How many dead babies does it take to ruin a carpet?


Without our protection you guys are just drunk lambs in a wolf party.


Clay deserved mayhem for what he did. I never had any doubt about that. But the first time it just wasn't best for the club. It was no good for Jax but this time it made sense.


Starting a war drains both sides.

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