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Jax hands over the guns and more dead Irishmen to the Chinese but they want their own personal revenge against the Irish's #2 man. When Jax deliver him to get his MC member back, he kills the Chinese and sets the Irish up with Marcus.

Nero is warned that SAMCRO pulling out of guns is leaving a void that will affect all of the gangs. 

Juice ODs and Nero and Gemma come to his rescue. While recovering, Juice confesses to Nero that he killed the mother of the boy who committed the school shooting. 

Tara tells Patterson she'll take her deal and bring the bullet and the boys to her office by 6pm.

After patching up Bobby, Tara sneaks out of the cabin. She holds Unser and Wendy at gunpoint and takes the boys but she takes them to a motel, not the DA's office.

Jax comes home to find his boys gone. He and Gemma assume that Tara ratted and took a deal. 

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why cant i play the episodes someone help