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Donna: Are you okay?
Rachel: No, but I'm too busy throwing myself into this work to do anything else.
Donna: Well as long as you're making healthy choices....

Harvard is Pearson Hardman. Pearson Hardman is Harvard. One can't survive without the other.


I keep getting all these dating pop-ups. It's like my computer is accusing me of being single!


You know what? You don't deserve the privilege of seeing me win.

Harvey [to Mike]

Would you like me to thank your face with my fist?

Harvey [to Hardman]

Coach doesn't let Dad come to the tryouts.


Harvey: Look, I'm only gonna say this once, so you better enjoy it: You're the man.

Don't look at me like that. It's not porn, it's


Once I tell you I can never take it back. This is my everything.

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