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I haven't been this hungry in my life. I haven't thought about sex in two weeks. All I think about is food.


Phillip - never one to shy away from a moment in the sun.


I asked any of the other ones if they want their fingers cleaned or licked, I'd work on them too.


Aren't you in my alliance? Don't you work for me?


It's hard to be a professional quarterback and have pee-wee leaguers on your team. I gotta run the ball, I gotta catch the ball, I gotta throw the ball.


If this was the real world, I'd be rooting for Matt. But, it's not. It's Survivor.


If I'm able to watch Russell walk off and go home, that'd be my million dollars.


Who comes on Survivor and wears pink tighty-whities?

Boston Rob

Saggy-bottom panties. I could go thirty-nine days without seeing that?

Boston Rob
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