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Oh. Thank God you're here.


I hope they both realize I was just trying to do the right thing.


Adriana: You look so much like your mother.
Bay: Really? I've never looked like anyone in my family before.

Well, that sucks for you. But she wasn't anything for me. She was just some woman who took care of someone elses kid for a few years.


She wanted me.


Emmett: I didn't see your C.I. I'm Emmett.
Daphne: Oh, I'm not deaf.

Bay: Daphne, you are the most miserable person I know, you just hide it behind $400 sunglasses.
Daphne: Yeah, well at least I don't see a shrink two times a week.
Bay: Well, maybe you should so you could find out why you're so empty inside.

Bay: She did not just use the cochlear card!
Toby: Hey, if you've got an ace, use it.

I hear my grandmother say all the time, "Remember, Kathryn, she's Puerto Rican, they're not good at school.

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