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Philip: I'm just a guy.
Amador: You're just a guy who spent a night with a girl.

Philip: I love you.
Elizabeth: Hmm. Love. Hmm.
Philip: I made a terrible mistake. Terrible mistake. So many things have gone wrong for us.

I do everything for you. I do my best.


Philip: That was wonderful, Martha.
Martha: Ditto.

We just need to know what we need to know.


I don't give a rat's ass what you do to me, Lady KGB. Put me out of my misery please. I'm dead already.


Elizabeth: I want us to be able to say what's true. I want us -- it to be. I want it to be ... real. Do you think we could do that?
Philip: I don't know.
Elizabeth: I would try. Will you try?
Philip: Yes.

Philip: The boy? Is he real?
Irina: Only duty and honor are real, Misha. Isn't that what we were told?

They don't care. They don't care what happens to any of us.

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