I can't see you as a patient, Cathy. Because I don't see you as a patient.


With all the educated cock I've had it my mouth, it's cruel irony that my baby daddy is a bipolar dropout.


From now on, I am fighting for my life, not yours. You, my brother, can suck it and fuck it.


No wonder you got cancer, Cathy. You're so full of lies and evil, you gave it to yourself.


Rebecca: You will be my first real friend with cancer. I will be forever changed.
Cathy: Hopefully for the better.

Paul: He's been aggressively farting.
Therapist: Was anyone hurt?

It's not true what they say about offing yourself. It's a little red tape, but no big thing.

Marlene [on heaven]

I have a very stubborn cancer!


Sean to Cathy]: No matter how repulsed by you I am, you can't deny our biological bond.

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