I never got the Catholic school girl fantasy. Maybe that's because the of actual tragedy being perpetrated against Catholic school boys.


I, for one, think you're a pretty brave bitch.


Cathy: We're gonna cleanse the palette of our affairs. Come on. Do me. It's gonna be great.
Paul: This isn't sexy. It's aggressive and weird.

Andrea saw me masturbating... for a big girl, she's stealthy as a fucking puma.


Compliments after sex? I'm tempted to double your meds and carry you around in my purse.


I'm cool with jokes about my weight. It's the elephant in the room. That's a joke, too.


Andrea: Don't freak out.
Cathy: Telling people not to freak out is not a great way to set people at ease.

I can't bring myself to intentionally puncture myself. I'd make a crappy heroin addict.

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