Cathy: You know, you can't hate black people, right?
Marlene: I don't. I just need to get angry sometimes.

You're the yin to my yang, the ping to my pong, the normal to my crazy. Let's be us together.


Cancer sucks. Put that in your God damned inspirational poster!


Adam: I want my life to be normal.
Andrea: I want to meet Usher. Think that's gonna happen?

What are those tiny hot dogs? You white folks eat some crazy ass food.


Cathy: Think of how great you're gonna feel when you go down a dress size?
Andrea: Who the fuck wears dresses?

You should come, too. I would love to get to know any girl that would date my homeless brother.


Cathy: You're an asshole.
Sean: I'm surprised you know what one looks like since you didn't take a shit for most of high school.

You wear baggies for shoes, Sean. You're so not allowed to say anything is embarrassing.

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