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Sometimes you have to play with fire if you want to stay warm.


You know what it doesn’t hurt to hang on to some things from your past. You might not think much of them now, but maybe someday you might want them back.


Larissa: You’re adventurous right?
Samantha: That’s one word for it. I’ll pretty much go anywhere with anyone.

I do have issues. I’m afraid to talk about sex! I guess now I know what I’m gonna write about.


I once stood between my Great Uncle Kenneth and the liquor cabinet on Christmas. I can manage this.


Safety schools are for people who aren’t getting Harvard and I’m getting into Harvard.


Here’s the thing. Whatever you least want to write about, whatever scares you the most that’s what you have to write about. That’s the good stuff. Truly great writers can’t stand a safe place.


All I wanna do is go shoe shopping. Is that bad?

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