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The most exciting men are the ones we can't have. The forbidden fruit. So delish.


Are you waiting for me to be the crazy ex girlfriend?


You're telling me I can't date? Because that's gonna be a problem.

I don't just thrive in chaos, I love it.


Hello this is like high school, time moves like dog years in reverse.


Carrie: I get it, you wanna escape.
Sebastian: But not when I'm with you.

Somehow trouble always seems to find me.


In 2 weeks time, 2 emaciated models will be fighting over your bag like their life depends on it.


I knew I wasn't searching for somebody or something here. I was searching for me.

I collect people.


Poor little rich kid whose mom left for the tennis instructor? I'm just a cliché.


While I had spent my summer grieving and letting go of my childhood, my friends were falling in love and entering adulthood.

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The Carrie Diaries Quotes

I love you so much my heart hurts. Is that what love's supposed to feel like? Pain?


I’m not calm. Being without you was ripping me to shreds.

Sebastian [to Carrie]
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