Flynn: Um...if you don't mind me buttin in, my sister had thyroid cancer.
Brenda: Oh, I'm so sorry. Wait a did you find out?
Flynn: Oh, your father. When they were handing out the gifts...Merry Christmas, I've got cancer! I guess there's no easy way to say it.

Claudia: You'd really send me to prison?
Brenda: Yeah, probably.

I cannot believe that you would use my father's cancer to manipulate me into giving up this interview. It's awful. Shameful. Shameful!


Hey Morris, I have a little tip on following someone. Where they go, you go.


Pope: You know, it might me a lot easier on your parents than you think.
Brenda: Why do you say that?
Pope: Because they're here right now, and they're giving out gifts.

No, it's my father. He's really sick. He's really sick. He just told me last night.

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