Brenda: Captain Raydor's audit is really makin' it almost impossible for me to do my job. I couldn't even go to the crime scene today.
Fritz: And you really missed being there, when they found that boy in the pool. Seriously?

Just so you know, I didn't put him back together yet. I don't think there is anything in there you'd want to see.

Dr. Morales

Kevin: Dad, you're always saying like I don't have a clue to how bad the world can be. I knew Eric, he...
Tao: Enough. Go with Uncle Buzz to the break room, he'll get you something then you can sit at my desk. Calculus, SATs, OK?

I thought you said she was going to tell Mr. Lynch that Eric is dead. Why is she asking him so many questions?


Raydor: Did you know that there was a strong likelihood that after you dropped Mr. Baylor off at his home that he'd be beaten to death by his fellow crips?
Brenda: I did not know that, but I do like happy endings.

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