Doin' this job, reportin' to Taylor, I'd rather put pins in my eyes, I swear!


Fritz: See, I appreciate you.
Brenda: Oh, yes you do.
Fritz: And I'm naked.

It's so infuriatin' to work so hard for so long and with so little appreciation from people.


Provenza: Do you have any idea what this is about?
Brenda: Yes, it's about to make me crazy, that's what it's about.

Raydor: Chief Johnson, did you know Mr. Baylor would be murdered after you dropped him off at his house?
Brenda: I'm not a fortune teller. He asked me to take him home, I took him there. I did nothin' wrong.

One of the more serious accusations in her suit is that you drove Mr. Baylor home knowing he could be executed by his own gang members, thus depriving him of due process.


Provenza: Nine times out of ten, Chief, rap means gangs.
Tao: And gangs means drugs.

Gang members, empty vodka bottles, joints in the ashtray, half naked, girls. I mean it's like a murder had to happen.

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