Sarah: What did you do to my son?
Devon: I told you I could bring him back, I never said he would be the same.

You have nothing to worry about, I taught Mia exactly as you taught me.


Sarah: Please, can you help my son.
Devon: I'll do whatever I can.

Peg: There is another way. Devon can help him, but it would be through the dark arts and with dark magic there's always a price.
Sarah: I don't care.

I killed him. I killed Charlie.


Sarah: What are you doing here?
Devon: Charlie's in danger.
Sarah: What did you do to him?
Devon: Nothing, but he will die without my help.

I came here to keep my family safe, and I can't do that anymore.


I snuck into Andie's room and added water into her medicine.


My blood helped create the very poison that can distroy us all.

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