The Good Wife

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The good wife

I have great control over my face.


Don't end up hating me.


Let me give you a little lesson for your next job, the next time you wanna talk to your charges about sexual transmitted diseases, talk to the parents first.


America does not suck. People suck.


Religion is like a drug, in small doses it's curative, in large, it's addictive.


Alicia: No. Cary, you do it. She liked you. Work your magic.
Cary: God. I am the new Will. Sorry.

Will: Things are crumbling around here Kalinda, and I need to know who I can trust. Can I trust you?
Kalinda: You can.
Will: Good. Find out what's going on.

Patty: You're pregnant? I am. It happens.
Will: Are you thinking of populating a small island?

He's not coming back.


Alicia: It's been a weird day.
Eli: Yeah. Weird year.

This is mess.


I stood beside you like a grinning fool.

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