Kalinda has a way with Cary. We've exploited this before.


We need to push you as the Grizzly Mom.


I'm wearing Old Spice.

Josh Perotti

I think I've just been visited by the Marlboro Man.


Patty: You're pregnant? I am. It happens.
Will: Are you thinking of populating a small island?

Be cordial here Jackie or I will ask you to leave.


Attorney: This deposition is over.
Cary: Let's get the judge on the line!
Attorney: Dr. Levine has a patient so we're gonna have to delay this after all
Cary: You're the one who went to the judge insisting the deposition could only be today so let's get the judge on the line! But I don't think he's gonna be in a giving mood.
Attorney: What do you want?
Cary: I want to get out my aggressions and my anger by destroying your client. Now sit down. I said sit the hell down.

Mr. Chairman, this invoice proves that Kalinda Sharma was engaged directly by the client and therefore her notes are our client's property.


Alicia: What are you doing?
Grace: Keeping dad.

Don't give up on me. Come on, don't give up on me.


Are you hazing me?

Elsbeth (to Alicia)

Michael: What's the difference between inept and incompetent?
Jason: About six letters

Good Wife Quotes

He's not coming back.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend.