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Don't end up hating me.


"Documents don't go away. Your signature doesn't go away."

Peter Florrick

Will is dead.


Peter, I can tell you quite definitively Alicia's not going to talk to... Will is dead.


Sometimes, I think justice would be better served with a coin fip.


Diane: He doesn't look like himself.
Kalinda: I have to get Alicia.

Eli: Do you know that Peter slept with Amber Madison on 18 separate occasions? She's gunning for you in there
Alicia: I do no that
Eli: Does it bother you?
Alicia: Does it bother me, it horrifies me!

Tara: They lost right? What are they doing now?
David: Scorching the earth and poisoning the well.

Your honor. Ms. Nyholme just winked and grinned at us when you said that.

Counselor Rodah

Alicia: To Will.
Diane: To Will. A real man. He shall be missed.

You should see Alicia drink.


Court is a lesson in humility.

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Good Wife Quotes

Alicia: I'm just so tired of this.
Kalinda: That's what people like Cary count on.

Alicia Florrick: The last time I was in Court it was 13 years ago.
Kalinda Sharma: Wow, I was twelve!
Alicia Florrick: Thanks.