I'm mad at him, but he's still dad.


Look forward. No emotion.


Use it. I'm ready!

Alicia (to Elfman)

This execution is a direct violation of 8th Amendment protections and it should be delayed - until you can ensure its proper administration.


Eli: If I could be so bold.
Alicia: You can't.
Eli: Right. Got it.

Will: So you decided to change?
Alicia: Yep. Into what I wore the night you banged me the first time.
Will: That's pretty low of you.
Alicia: I know. I wasn't so discriminating back then.

And this being Chicago there's never any fraud at the polls.


Ruth: Mrs Florrick, you're not paying for this, the campaign is.
Alicia: Yes, and they're not paying for me. I'm volunteering.

Oh God it's like Mildred Pierce. We gotta get you laid.


Jackie: Why are you so upset Alicia?
Alicia: Jackie, do you hear my voice? Do I sound upset?
Jackie: No, but these words are so hostile.
Alicia: The next time you try to turn my children against me, I will keep them permanently off limits to you.

You wanna get me to talk, just say talk. Don't play games.




Good Wife Quotes

Will is dead.


She's in love.