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David Lee: You're no Will Gardner. You'll only hurt yourself trying to be.
Diane: Well then fasten your seat belts. We're in for a lot of hurt.

Diane: We were like the two mistresses at the Irish funeral.
Alicia: Yep.
Diane: I'm sorry, I meant that metaphorically.
Alicia: I know.

Peter: Oh my God. How many times do I have to tell you when I cheated it didn't mean anything?!
Alicia: Well, then. That was a waste. Because when I cheated, it did!

The law is an odd thing.


Diane: What would you say if I stayed?
Will: Peter screwed you over.

I think I've just been visited by the Marlboro Man.


Eli: If I could be so bold.
Alicia: You can't.
Eli: Right. Got it.

Guns expert: You remind me of [Sarah Palin].
Diane: Which part? The quitting the Governorship or the moose hunting?

This is mess.

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