It's hard to be on this side.


Canning: I don't bite.
Alicia: I actually think you do.

Cockroaches are not romantic.


He's not coming back.


Finn: Will really mattered to you.
Alicia: Yes.

Peter: Alicia, the way you're handling this Will thing...
Alicia: I'm doing my best.
Peter: Oh well, if this your best then I think we need to talk.

If I ran, what's the plan?

Alicia (to Eli)

Clarke: So you've come here to propose not merging? I don't understand.
Diane: No. I've come here to ask if you will take me.
Robyn: Holy crap.
Diane: Me and my $38 million a year in client billing.

That was the deal from the beginning, Diane, remember? We'll work together until it was not fun or profitable anymore. Are you having fun?


I'm wearing Old Spice.

Josh Perotti

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


A Chicago grand jury will indict a ham sandwich.