The Good Wife

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The good wife
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I have great control over my face.


Alicia: Jackie, can I call you back?
Eli: Oh God! What does she want?

"Documents don't go away. Your signature doesn't go away."

Peter Florrick

Jackie: I am doing the best I can.
Alicia: Well, join the club!

Are you hazing me?

Elsbeth (to Alicia)

The last time someone tried to use me was 1958.

Howard Lyman

I can't believe in God, Grace.


Wow. I did not see this coming.


Jenna: You want to find out about Damian, don't you? That's why you're here.
Kalinda: Yeah.
Jenna: It's too bad you like Damian more than I like you.
Kalinda: Well wait till you get to know me better.

You wanna get me to talk, just say talk. Don't play games.


Can I just saw I love this stuff. Kay, I don't understand a word you guys are sayin' but it is awesome!


Eli: You're a brand now: Saint Alicia.

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