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She's in love.


This is your get out of jail free card.

Louis Canning

Alicia: Mr. Hayden, you got out of your taxi.
Clarke: Yes, I decided to walk. It was only 15 blocks.

Don't end up hating me.


Will: I took you in. I hired you. I pushed for you.
Alicia: Will, this was a business decision.
Will: You were poison!

I'm sorry, do you want to talk more about accordions?


Eli: Alicia.
Alicia: Yes.
Eli: Would you want to run for States Attorney?
Alicia: What?!

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Will: Alicia, when I'm broke and lying in an alley somewhere, do something nice for me.
Alicia: OK. Promise.

Alicia: Are you gay?
Kalinda: I'm private.

Alicia: I'm gonna start drinking.
Veronica: Pour me one, too!

Jackie: I see where Alicia's drinking comes from
Veronica: And Peter's rudeness. No wonder they're splitting up.

Cary: Clarke, I'm responsible for 60 employees. This is a decision I made because I don't want to see those 60 people out of work.
Clarke: By that logic, you could justify any decision.
Cary: Yes, but I wont.

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