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It doesn't matter. Peter is in real trouble, Eli. He's in trouble for one reason. Will Gardner.


We should get married.

Diane [to Kurt McVeigh]

Cary: What does he got?
Alicia: A whole lot of anger.

Zach: Grandma's drunk.
Alicia: I think that's just her.

Natalie: Am I being used here?
Alicia: I don't know. But you know what the best thing is to do if you are?
Natalie: What?
Alicia: Use them right back.

Peter: Well try this on for size. You don't want me for an enemy, and you certainly don't want me and Alicia together.
Will: Okay. Good to know. I'm hanging up. I have a business to run.
Peter: Good luck with that.

I so deeply respect you.


Can you guarantee he won't kill anyone in the next five minutes?


Alicia: It's kind of weird. Everything's ending.
Cary: Beginning, too.

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