It's hard to be on this side.


Everyone is dying.


Cockroaches are not romantic.


You dress down well.

Alicia (to Finn)

Cary: Clarke, I'm responsible for 60 employees. This is a decision I made because I don't want to see those 60 people out of work.
Clarke: By that logic, you could justify any decision.
Cary: Yes, but I wont.

You care. I need somebody who doesn't care.


Will: What happened?
Alicia: Cute, perky, 26 just happened.

Alicia: Wow, that was almost Will-like.
Cary: Why thank you Diane.

It's no longer about sexism, it's about our client being a bitch.


I'm notorious. The white OJ.

Colin Sweeney

This is like watching a baby seal being clubbed.


We gotta celebrate the good news when it comes because there's gonna be a lot of bad news.