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I think I've just been visited by the Marlboro Man.


Alicia: I'm better than Cary. On the Broussard homicide. On the eyewitness cross. I've been working on this for three months, intensely, and Cary is just coming on.
Diane: I agree.
Alicia: You... Well, then, why? Why... why was I pulled off it?
Diane: I don't know. It wasn't my idea.
Alicia: Whose?
Diane: Will's.

Alicia, you're a good lawyer, but you're always waiting for people to give you things.


Eli Gold: You know, you and I are going to be the best of friends, Mrs. Florrick. And you know why?
Alicia: I have no idea.
Eli Gold: Because you're cautious, and so am I. Your husband isn't.

Will: Wherever we end up, I respect you, Diane.
Diane: Didn't they say that to Secretariat before they put him?
Will: I don't think they said 'Diane.'

Guns expert: You remind me of [Sarah Palin].
Diane: Which part? The quitting the Governorship or the moose hunting?

Can I say "son of a bitch?" Or is that too salty?

Eli Gold

Kalinda: How long until this competition between you and Cary is over?
Alicia: A month... and eight days.

I want a meeting with Eli Gold. Now. Today.

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