Aww snap. You didn't know?


Everybody's playing both sides no Darren. It's the name of the game.

Jamie Wright

You don't seem like the type that shares your toys.


Did she suffer?

Mitch Larsen

Relax Mom, it's NarcScent. Smells like weed, tastes like weed, it's not weed.


Tell her that. Tell her you didn't kill her.


Linden: Let go of the idea that you have some B.S. detector.
Holder: How do you I don't have one of those?
Linden: Cause you dress like Justin Bieber and eat pork rinds for dinner.

Tell me - where was God then?

Mitch Larsen

Rosie's gone. Finding out who killed her won't change that.


Mayor Adams: In no time at all, Darren's come here and built himself a real rainbow coalition: blacks, fruits, whores, and drug addicts.

Hello, Facebook. Kid's don't write letters.

Jack Linden

My wife loved blackberries. I never noticed before how they grow everywhere here.

Darren Richmond