XO Mike Slatter: You didn't think about staying with them?
CDR Thomas Chandler: That's all I thought about.
XO Mike Slattery: You mean I could have had my first command?

You think you're the first soldier that had trouble leaving their family behind? Huh? During World War II, English naval captains put their wives and children in bunkers in London and went back out to sea to fight the Nazis for years.

Jed Chandler

And let me tell you something else. We are more than just survivors! We are more than our grief, we are more than our loss, and we are more than our pain! We were spared for a reason, we were spared because we were put on this earth to do something more! We were spared because were special...because we are the rightful inheritors of the Earth! This is our destiny...because we are the chosen!


The main thing is that they're with you now. That's what makes them feel safe.

Kelly Tophet

Dr Rachel Scott: I thought you left.
Tex: Oh, I met a new friend, told me what was going on down here. I figured I'd come see it for myself.

Baltimore Water and Power, how may I help you this evening? The current hold time is forever. If you need immediate assistance, please place your lips firmly on my ass cheeks and press the pound sign.

Lt. Danny Green

Amy Granderson: You gonna read me my rights?
Thorwold: No. And I forgot to bring my handcuffs.
Amy: Hoping I'd go without a fight?
Thorwold: Not your style. Why change now?
Amy: The things we could have done for this city. We didn't have to be enemies.
Thorwold: Yeah. We did.

I don't know you. At this point, I don't trust anyone I meet in this town. But I know Granderson fears and hates you, so I'm operating on the premise that my enemy's enemy can be my friend. If that's the case, we can help each other.

Cpt Chandler

I am not a monster. I am not. Dr. Hamada assured me that the cocktail provided a quick and painless death. I insisted on it.

Amy Granderson

Amy Granderson: I need your help to put a stop to all of this.
Lt Alicia Granderson: The only way any of this is going to end is for you to give up. As a lieutenant in the United States Navy, I am qualified to accept your surrender.
Amy Granderson: My surrender? Oh. You stay with me, little girl. You watch who surrenders to whom.

Quincy Tophet: Okay, please. I hid it. I know where it is.
Trooper: I'll kill her, you know I will.
Quincy Tophet: Okay. Okay. Okay. Forgive me. I'm so sorry.
Trooper: Where is it?
Quincy Tophet: You'll never find it. [removes bandages]

This message goes out to Amy Granderson and all those loyal to her. Nathan James has been liberated and has joined the fight against you. We demand your immediate surrender. Lay down your arms. Or be subject to the full force of the United States Navy.

XO Mike Slattery