If it comes to a fight, we'll sink them all.


As soon as the sun rises, we'll be completely exposed.


You believe that you're responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people.


Good, you're alive, thanks to the people you tortured.


MIke: A bunch of them have the virus. For some reason, our blood helps them.
Tom: They didn't get the cure?

It sounds like bad news. You're looking a little weak.


Takehaya: Let them talk. Soon it will be over.
Mike: It's not over until we're dead.

Tom: It's a message from our people.
Sasha: Or it's a trap. There's a reason why Takehaya's a legend.

When the time is right, we sink that ship.


Has anyone talked about evacuating the ship while we still have time?


Kara: Where did you hear that?
Jacob: So it's true. Judging by your reaction, there's no good news.

Get a handle on your people.

President Michener