Sundays 9:00 PM

Jeter: Sir?
Chandler: We came to hunt.

We're supposed to be saving the world. Shouldn't it be worth saving?


Oh! One more thing. If you're thinking of sending drones or missiles, I just want to remind you. The children will be sleeping in the tents. With me.

El Toro

So how is it you made all your money? I'm guessin' it wasn't ladies' handbags.


I think you underestimate people's capacity for forgiveness, or maybe you just find it too hard to forgive yourself.


Quincy: Let me guess. I'm not going to the island.
Bacon: Let me guess. You're the asshole I have to play chess with.

Jeter: You are here to lead us and we are here to follow, to execute your vision.
Chander: I don't have vision.
Jeter: Yes you do.

There's still a chance, Mike. For all of us.


I love you. Stay away from me.

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