Leo: I don't know what to say except...
Ben: I'm glad you have a prenup?

I take it you couldn't find anyone to play with so you came home?

Ben [to Adrian]

What if you had gotten pregnant again? What if you had somehow managed to seduce me and get pregnant again like you planned? Would you still be trying to kick me out of our condo?

Ben [to Adrian]

Amy I just think you should know that Adrian's going after Ricky. She told Ben to go out of the condo and she's going after Ricky. Your Ricky.


Study this big mouth.

Adrian [to Grace]

Why does everything have to be fun? It is what it is.


Adrian: I had an epiphany.
Grace: Are you sure it's not an orgasm?

I'm going after Ricky.


You're trying to have a baby to save a marriage you never wanted in the first place.

Adrian's Doctor
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