What did he say? Something starting with Abra-cadabra? Maybe he's trying to make you disappear.


Henry: Alice is in the closet you know.
Ben: Wait, Alice is gay?
Henry: No, she's in your closet.

I thought we told each other everything.

Amy [to Ricky]

Thanks for loving me Ben.


I thought I'd be used to being invisible by now.


He's the guy that all the girls want and you got him.

Ben [to Amy]

I'm glad I have a boy. I can't stand the tears.

Grant's dad

Ricky: No alright, I care, I love you.
Amy: Yeah, you love a lot of girls.

You know how much you love John? I love you more than 17 times that much. And no one is gonna treat my little girl like that.

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