The Tomorrow People

Mondays 9:00 PM on The CW
The tomorrow people
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Dylan: Good luck with the crazy!
Stephen: Good luck with the diarrhea.

You heard of the five-finger discount? We get the no-finger discount.


He's kind of like our HAL. just not evil.


Astrid: Let me see your pills?
Stephen: Why?
Astrid: I just want to check to see if being a raging dick is a side-effect.

One day you might be the one who saves all of us.


Great, I see we've moved to the comedy portion of your psychotic break.


I'm gonna have to mark you down on the dismount.


Stephen, we are not super heroes. We are a hunted species trying to survive.


We are all for survival. But if we're not going to stand up on our own, what's the point of surviving.


Thanks for reminding me Stephen.


When the time comes, Stephen will lead us to the Tomorrow People and we'll kill them.


Luca: You slept with Mrs. D'Amico?
Stephen: It was an accident.

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