The Tomorrow People

Mondays 9:00 PM on The CW
The tomorrow people
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Julian: You can’t do this to me.
Cara: You did this to yourself.

You say this war is to protect humanity. You don’t know the first thing about being human.


Hey Julian, remember what happened when you caught me in your house? Now you’re in my house.


Everyone dies, Astrid. All you can do is make sure you're wearing the right shoes when it happens.


Next time you want to recruit a sweet, young telepath, don’t corner her in an empty subway car.


Astrid: Why are you suddenly so interested in my life?
John: Well, you did pull a bullet out of me.

Plus, we’re out of the totally important stuff, like beer and Gummi bears.


Can’t a guy make breakfast for another guy?


Cara: John can take care of himself.
Stephen: You willing to bet his life on that?

Even Mother Nature can brain fart.


John: He’s a hero.
Marla: Just like his father.

This place is falling apart without John.

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