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Any passion you felt was me killing my love for Sookie. It had nothing to do with you... It's been a long night, and I need to sleep. Now get the f-uck out.

Bill [to Lorena]

I'm already the best cop you got, Sheriff Andy Bellefleur.


If there's one thing I miss more than sunshine, it is good fruit.


Let's go, RuPaul.

Eric [to Lafayette]

People love giving redheads tips - and I've always been the only redhead at Merlotte's.


A woman is only a woman. But a good cigar is a smoke.


Jason: What's his name?
Hoyt: Kitch Maynard.
Jason: That's a fuckin winning name.

I wanna look like I can kick some serious ass. Which I can.


Sookie: Can all vampires fly?
Eric: Can all humans sing?
Sookie : Are you kidding? I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it.

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