Leo: Edna? That's the best name you could come up with?
Hoyt: I had a babysitter named Edna once. She smelled like lilacs dipped in honey.

Sam: Leo you cut it kinda close there.
Leo: I had to pee.

Steven:"Nice job taking care of that, Hoyt.
Hoyt: That means a lot coming from you sir. So maybe if you could say it again into my cell phone for a keepsake, that'd be amazing. You know, we can do it later. I'll remember the phrasing.

Sam: Do you think Brazilian women are the hottest women on the planet? I read that in Esquire."
Steven: You don't think I'm really gonna answer that do you?

All I have to do is convince the next president of Peru which one of his enemies would want to assassinate him. Simple.


It's like time stood still and so did your ass.

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