Pill problem, pill problem, pill problem, mystery STD.


Let me guess, you're having a baby with Yvonne and you'll name it 'work.'


You should just poke a hole in the condom. I learned that one from my little pal. Oh, no I didn't, cause she sucks!


That, as we say in the Hundred and First Airborne, is a bit of a ball knocker.


You remind her of that smell and the tiny socks?

Chris's Teammate

Jamie: I hate school.
Ava: How many teachers are you sleeping with?

Reagan: How's my breath?
Ava: I give it a B, it could be better.

Reagan: If the first James Bond and the last James Bond had a baby, it would be you.
Chris: I feel like you're just saying that cause I said it in the car.

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