Chad: They think you are a God.
Anna: Who does that make you?
Chad: A believer. Can I tell you what I believe? You are not just visitors, you are here to stay. But, are you here for our benefit or for yours?

Joshua said you passed the empathy test - I never doubted you.


Our needs are simple and our desire to help is great.


It's up to you Alex - you've lost friends, so did we. It's up to you.


Chad: I don't work for Anna.
Secretary of State: But, would you be here without her?

If we were Visitors you would be dead by now.


Anna: I welcome opposition. It can only strengthen ones agenda.
Chad: Agenda? I thought this was a gift.

Joshua, you have known me my entire life - the test has to be wrong.


Joshua: You failed.
Lisa: There must have been some type of mistake.

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