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With a title like last night's episode, "We Can't Win", one must wonder how any resistance member would have the slightest hope to defeat the Visitors.

Call us crazy, but we still think that the resistance can win! Why do you think the sniper was so certain that the humans will lose against the Visitors?


Each week we learn more and more about the Visitors and how the resistance is building - slowly but surely - against them - but we still don't know why? Why did the Visitors come to earth and pretend to be good when they have the ability and means to kill us all in an instant? Why put forth so much effort - especially if you lack any emotion?

Off topic - how gross was the opening dream sequence Chad had about Anna? Does this mean he wants to get it on with her? We think she is by far the creepiest character ever - on any show!

It was interesting to find out that Lisa is gaining human emotion. Now the question at hand would be if she has enough emotion to become one of the good guys and fight against her own mother. This situation will probably be one of the most important circumstances that will decide the fate of the human race.

One part that had us confused would be why Lisa's relationship with Tyler is so important to Anna and the Visitor's race? We still have so much to learn about the Visitor's and what it is they are after.

Scared Valerie

Valerie's pregnancy really has us on the edge of our seats! We foresee a baby alien bursting through her stomach (yes, we know it is very Alien like - but hey! Isn't that what is inside her!?). Since the baby will be half human - do you think it will look human or like a little baby lizard? We have a feeling this baby is going to look really creepy!

This pregnancy brings up a great question - how on earth did Ryan get on board, kill the Visitor, and escape with Valerie - without a single Visitor even batting a warning eye? Does Ryan have super alien powers we are not aware of - or did the writers fall a bit short on the realism here?

We love this show and the suspense it keeps us in each week. What did you think of last night's episode?! We love hearing what you think - so don't forget to leave your own review below!

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Anna: Our needs are simple and our desire to help is great. | permalink
Erica: If we were Visitors you would be dead by now. | permalink
Anna: I welcome opposition. It can only strengthen ones agenda.
Chad: Agenda? I thought this was a gift. | permalink
Lisa: Joshua, you have known me my entire life - the test has to be wrong. | permalink
Kyle: That guy is a lousy shot - no wonder why the V's are winning. | permalink
Anna: Joshua said you passed the empathy test - I never doubted you. | permalink


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2011???!!!!.... What am supposed to do until then? At least it didnt get cancelled like alot of good shows out there that run one or two seasons and get ditched (Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles). Good story telling. Need to get rid of all these non-sense sitcoms especially ones that are supposedly comedies and not funny at all. Where's the "Cheer's" or the "Seinfeld" of today? Thank god for "Family Guy" or I wouldn't even watch online t.v. (being i see no point in owning one with all the B.S. thats on these days... and thats it distracting from the true nature of things, but this show is good for one reason is that there could very well be some truth lying beneath the notion. For those that aren't sure what I'm sayin then look into some David Icke or Ancient Sumerian research by the likes of Zacharia Sitchen.


Just a small query, what happened to John May's stepson in this episode? I thought he went along with them?


Oh, yes... Valerie was not on a ship - she was in a Healing Center, where the doctor saw what she was carrying and was about to kill her - presumably to hide and destroy evidence of the human / Visitor hybrid she is carrying.


I liked this episode very much. I read someone's review site in which they panned the show but I don't really understand why the excessive criticism. This is getting more and more intriguing as we go, because the plot is not revealing much in the way of an "ultimate direction." Having seen and really loved the V miniseries of the 1980's, I see that this show now can go in any direction. It is revealing Anna as more and more cunning, cold and sadistic than Diana of old, and yet, she is deeper too. Lisa, who may turn out to be some type of heroine is in a very uncomfortable situation with Tyler and her mother, and it is completely believable. What would you tell your loved one if you were thinking you'd be eviscerated? (That's "Skinned" for those of you in Rio Linda...) I'd have to say the writers of this new V are doing a great job, and so are all the actors. Yes, ALL the actors. I hope this series keeps going. It's a fresh story and a real thriller!


I thought she was in one of the healing centers, which are on Earth and not the ships. No security.

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V Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

That guy is a lousy shot - no wonder why the V's are winning.


(to Tyler) What your father told you isn't true.