People like me can kill people like you. No questions asked.


As soon as Rizzo figures it out we're going to the desert and there's not a thing I can say to stop it.


You're lucky Vincent has no concept how long a wash and set takes at La Fontaine.


I love your daughter. You're going to have to get used to it, 'cause I ain't going anywhere.


Yvonne: It's not black tie.
Ralph: Tie? What's a tie?

Mighty brave of you to go to a wedding with a guy who inherited my fashion sense.


I want three things in a date. Tall, dark, and not you.


A son of a bootlegger in office and we helped put him there. You telling me you're not a little bit puffed up.


Jack: My family doesn't bite.
Mia: Mine does.

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