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Neal: You really shouldn't drink champagne in paper cups.
Peter: You will drink it and you will like it.

Neal: Peter, I'm starting to like you again.
Peter: Oh well, then we're hanging out too much.

Elizabeth: I wanted you to have a familiar face in there.
Peter: I'll take your anytime.

I appreciate the irony here - we're looking into them and they're looking into you.


I'll admit that I have done alot of things that I am not proud of...wait, that's not true, I am proud of most things I do.


I love your alleged work - I am a big fan.


(looking around at all the models) It's just become a very beautiful crime scene.


Peter: It's like Buckingham Palace.
Neal: I've been to Buckingham Palace - this is better.

You lay down with dogs - you get up with fleas.

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